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Fava d’anta, the green gold of the Cerrado

A typical ingredient from the Brazilian Cerrado holds high market value in the pharmaceutical industry. What can we learn from this? (in portuguese)

EDIÇÃO# 3 • 11 páginas • 2024



This land holds value

Brazil attracts investors with land appreciation and carbon credits. But what does this demonstrate for the future? Check out our report on investments, carbon credits, and land appreciation in the country. (in portuguese)

EDIÇÃO# 2 • 15 páginas • 2023



Why invest in bioactives after all?

This is a report on Brazilian bioactives as an investment. Market size, unexplored areas, and food trends like Baru, Fava D'Anta, and Açaí. (in portuguese)

EDIÇÃO# 1 • 12 páginas • 2023


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