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Bio2Me exists to bring value to the preserved lands of Brazil. We understand the worth of our lands and will uncover everything they have to produce – without felling a single tree.

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Today, there are 651 million hectares preserved, under legal designation, or considered unproductive in Brazil. This is equivalent to more than half of our territory.

This represents a $186 billion market, entirely untapped.

Until now.

Understand the vision of #matoqueéagro.

Legal reserve areas are also productive

Mandatory legal reserve areas have enormous potential to generate profit through native plants.

Do you know the potential of native products from your lands?

Bio2Me has developed processes and new technologies to operate and manage Brazil's lands. We have full expertise in logistics and production to extract fruits, seeds, and assets from each land.

How to extract value from legal reserve areas?

We know how to identify, operate, lease, or even acquire conserved lands with significant productive potential.



We develop AI and IoT technologies to analyze the potential of both preserved and unproductive farms and accurately deliver the potential of each hectare.

Using drone imagery, our neural network can analyze images to detect the potential of each area – both for bioactive production and traditional agriculture.

Our technology provides precise analysis throughout the process, identifying the best lands and creating optimal value for the producer.

Bio2Me manages preserved or unproductive lands, extracting high-value market bioactives.

We structure

We understand all the necessary processes for land management.

We map

We conduct an inventory and sensing of existing assets.

We manage

We plant seedlings and manage mapped assets.

We collect

We collect and store everything that is produced.

We sell

We commercialize the produced assets through exclusive sales channels.

We have exclusive technologies and unique management processes for the universe of bioactives.


Our technologies exist to map and understand the value of the lands – we will accurately know what exists today, what we can plant, and how much we can extract from each hectare.


We manage the legal reserve area of the property while meeting all legal, regulatory, and best practice requirements.


Actions are always carried out based on data, bringing more control and traceability to all processes.


Bio2Me implements processes that combine sustainability and profit.

Bio2Me relies on exclusive partnerships to collect, store, and sell bioactives. We guarantee the purchase of the production from all the areas we manage.


Learn more about bioactives. Download our PDF report or visit our webpage on the subject.


What is a bioactive?

A bioactive is a functional ingredient found in preserved areas and used in various industries such as beauty, health, chemicals, and food.

How much does it cost?

We have various partnership systems to ensure the best deal for everyone. This depends on the region, the size of the property, and the potential of the bioactives. Get in touch, and we'll discuss it further!

What are legal reserve areas?

All rural properties in Brazil are required to preserve a minimum of 20% of their total area. However, sustainable management of these areas is possible.

What is the potential of a preserved area?

Potentially, preserved areas (whether legal reserve or not) have a financial potential up to 20 times greater than cultivated areas.

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We would love to learn more about you and how we can work together. Get in touch with us at

We invest in productive, unproductive, or degraded farms. Contact us to become our partner.

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